Sad news

One of our oldest kindest members has passed away. I do not have any contact information yet. Apologies
Kathleen O’shaunnassy
Kathleen and her family have been long time members and residents in Bowral NSW. I will try to post if I get it. She was to have her funeral today . Tuesday 29 of June 2021.
If anyone has this information for me please contact me. thank you.

Setting up day for the exhibition unfortunately is the last day of Covid restrictions. July 9.
Please check our Facebook page for more current information.

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Mid year Exhibition and Newsletter

Hello everyone!
We hope you are all safe and continuing to follow the Covid rules! Our Exhibition is following every recommendation for a safe day out. Bring your hand sanitiser and mask if necessary. Remember you will not only be looking after yourself but others.

All you need to know to buy and see rocks and Gems. Please Share

June Newsletter,
all the news for now 2021

Rock Grinders Gazette- June 2021

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April News and Open Day/ Australia Biggest Morning Tea

Hello everyone! We are going to have a new Open Day and combining it with Our Biggest Morning Tea

Look at the flyer below for more details and share information with friends . You are welcome to print the flyer out and display it.

Come visit Join Us for Cancer Council and Open Day

April Newsletter 2021
Thank you Judy
Rock Grinders Gazette- April 2021

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Bad news Open Day Cancelled due to weather

It is very unfortunate to tell you that we have been predicted so much rain on our open day weekend. Sadly it is happening now and on the weekend so we decided to not to have it because of the dangers driving on the roads.
Please remember our exhibition will still be on

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Sad News about our member Dorthy Perkins

Dear Members,
Vale, Dorthy Perkins
We are deeply saddened to hear the news that one of our beloved club members Dorthy Perkins has passed away.
She has been a supportive club member and Duty Officer since 2000.
Her funeral will be on Tuesday 2nd of March at 10:30 am at South Chapel,Forest Lawn, Leppington.
The family has requested that in lieu of flowers if possible people could make a donation to Cancer Research. There will be a collection box at the service.
Our condolences to Barry and her family.

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Feb Newsletter and Great News about opening

We have come along way baby. Important thoughts first
The Club is open for business! This is all because our community has been diligent about being safe. you need to book to come in but it’s wonderful news.

Please check the newsletter for information so we could open our doors. Please keep washing hands, wear a mask if asked to, social distancing etc. The newsletter is clear about what we need to do to stay safe.

We have an Open Day Planned: March 20th, 2021
you aren’t seeing things! tell everyone who loves our Open Days and more. Free entry 9am-2pm.
If you are from another lapidary group please publish, we are ready to roll.

How to book in and the schedule in in the newsletter.
Click Here:
Rock Grinders Gazette- February 2021

See Campbelltown Lapidary and Districts on Facebook
Full flyer is now displayed there, I am working on transferring it. Print it and give it to your friends.

Please email for information if you want to join the Open Day on this email:
with the heading Open Day March 20 2021
or/and leave a message on 0296183206
Thank you everyone for making this happen

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January 2021 Newsletter

Hi everyone we have some Great News

Late news but good news. Possibly we are opening.
Please we need a Covid Marshal. Just someone to meet us at the door and take our temps. Read details in the Newsletter!
Candidates are asked to show up tomorrow morning and things will progress from there.
Apologies for the late notice but I just received this information a short time ago. See the newsletter for more details.
These are regulations set by the government. the faster we find help the faster the doors open.
best wishes, Kathy
Rock Grinders Gazette-January 2021

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DECEMBER/JANUARY newsletter is here!

Dear Everyone,

I hope you had a very good holiday period. If you are anything like me you would have been very busy making your holiday the best it could be during the holiday period.

The newsletter is full of news about the club having a big clean and a new bench made for the drill press, thanks to our members who are very kind and clever.
Margaret has also contributed a very informative article, thank you. As Judy has mentioned we are always looking for articles fun and informative. If they are not your handiwork PLEASE mention where you got your information. We need to know. Send them to Judy.

Apologies for the late publishing, a glitch in my emails. Computers-love them or Leave them, I can do neither.
Take Care and hopefully we will be vaccinated soon.
Rock Grinders Gazette-12 December 2020

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November Newsletter 2020

Hi Everyone!
Here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year
The newsletter tells you most of our current news. We haven’t any plans for December due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Thank Goodness Australia is only having the rare case show up but that’s due to our mask wearing, hand washing and careful attention. Please do not forget it takes a bit of indifference to change that. Keep up the good work.

Plans for re opening have not been made. If you are on the newsletter list please keep checking with the lapidary Facebook or here to see if the executive committee has decided it is safe to re open. Now that the vaccine has been released to some it will not be long.
Take time to read the newsletter, Judy has put in a great deal of effort to make the newsletter very enjoyable.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas, stay home and stay safe/
Best Wishes, Kathy

Rock Grinders Gazette-11 November 2020

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October Newsletter 2020

Hello everyone! Great news from Suzy! Please see your October newsletter for other current information
Club Picnic Invitation
The plan is to meet up at Ingleburn Reserve for a socially distancing picnic.
Place: Ingleburn Reserve Picnic Grove off Bensley Rd
267 Bensley Rd, Ingleburn Date: Wednesday 4 November Time: 10.00 am– 12.00 pm
Bring a picnic morning tea/lunch.
There is seating available, or you can bring your own picnic table and chairs.
Plenty of parking.
There are trees and a unisex toilet.
If you feel the need for exercise, there is a bush walking track there.
No need to RSVP. Just turn up with your food and drink.

Rock Grinders Gazette-10 October 2020

The reserve is just up from the club. Ring one of us, Suzy or myself for more info.
Here is the map (remember gloves, mask, hand sanitizer)

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