February 2015

OPEN DAY flyer for March 2015
Campbelltown Lapidary Open Day Flyer March 2015

Amazing, almost Valentines Day!

If your February is anything like mine it is very busy. I want you to imagine how your partner would react if he or she received a piece of jewelry made by you for Valentines?

You can do it at the club.

Welcome to our new members! We are so happy to meet you and hope you are enjoying your experience.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask any member. I am sure they will help or they will find someone who will.

Next month is our Open Day Sausage sizzle. I will attach the flyer so you can have it to refer to and better yet you can print it out to help advertise. If there is somewhere that you can put the flyer Please do!

We have trash and treasure, gold, opals, hand made jewelry and sausages !!!!!!!!

We open to the public twice a year so that anyone who is interested in seeing how the club works can come and have a look around. It is pretty good. Put it on your calendar! Put it on you Face Book and Twitter! get it out there! it is the best markets ever for this sort of jewelry and gemstones.

Here is the Newsletter for February, thank you Suzy!

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