April Newsletter 2022

Rain Rain and more Rain! we have had so much rain that we had to change our open day. Please keep in touch perhaps on our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Campbelltownlapidary/

Also check the newsletter. Thank YOU

Now Open Day Is May 7, 2022


Saturday 7 May 2022
Open day is important to our club as it allows the
public to find out about us
, allows members to sell
their items and provides money for our club
equipment so please help.
We have a list of jobs that we need help with on the
club notice board, please add your name to the list. If
more information is needed please ask the Duty
Volunteers required
from 7.30 am
We need volunteers for:
Cleaning prior to day
Club Stall help setting up & putting away
Canteen helpers including donations of
cakes/slices for sale
Cleaning at end of day
General Setting Up & spreading the word…..

continued in the NEWSLETTER

Please note we’ve had to close two of our work days as follows. they will be restored asap.

Club Rooms Opening Hours
Monday 9 am till 1 pm – now closed
Wednesday 9 am till 1 pm
Friday 5 pm till 9 pm- now closed
Saturday 9 am till 1 pm