August Newsletter 2013 and Results from the General Meeting

We have some big news, Our president Steve McColloch resigned from the position of president at our last management meeting. It was due to business commitments. We would like to thank him for all his efforts. Ron Dean and Suzy Brandster will be filling in until our AGM. I need to remind everyone to give suggestions to who they wish to nominate for all positions before the AGM. There will be a nomination sheet on the board, please let us know who you think will do a good job!

Speaking of doing a good job, again at the General meeting we talked about how everyone pitched in and helped out at the exhibition and how it would be nice to have more of the same next year.  We spoke of having an exhibition commitee again. We didn’t have one this year since so many of our members have either been ill or had commitments that kept them from coming and particitpating. In any case things went very well.  We especially wish to thank Steve our care person at the Percival Centre for his help again this year, you are most appreciated. It was also mentioned how good it was to have a great group of sellers.

Big thank you to Lil and the others who helped at the childrens table. It is very important to start our children off with a basic knowledge of stones. We have them fill out a card and match them to their names. Next year it was suggested to make a bracelet.

Another big thank you to Paul Cosi at Council for his help. The council had supported us in several ways too long to list. Bob Thompson is always there for us when we need him, a special thank you too Bob.

One of our most enjoyable events at the exhibition is our Raffles. This years winners were:

1st Chelsea ticket no. green A15

2nd Marion ticket no. blue F13

3rd Elaine Ticket no. orange F35

4th Fay Ticket no. blue F50

Lucky door prize Lizette

Again thank you to those who year after year participate and keep the club running as well as it does. It would be hard to mention everyone but special thanks to the newer members such as Denise, Carolyn and Suzy and their families who are just getting to know the ropes. If you would like to join our club and learn how to work with stones and turn them into jewelry, you are very welcome.

Just another mention of our participation at NAIDOC, Denice Ezzy asked us to come and have a table for the kids. We also were to give out info about the club. Ron and Elaine graciously spent the day. They had a lot to say about how they enjoyed themselves. They were so appreciative of how well it was set up and how it was free for everyone to enjoy. Even the milkshakes. Thank you so much Denise, you are a champion.

the AGM

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday September 7th. (just FYI at the time I am writing this it may be an election day). The AGM is a very special day for us because we have our election too. The election is held right after the normal general meeting .  The offices that are open will be posted on the bulletin board.

Special General Meeting and Barbeque Sat. Oct. 12th, 2013

This meeting is to be held to consider the revised constitution. Each and everyone of us are required to read and respond to the revisions to our constitution.These are the rules of the club that we are to follow. We have been given suggested revisions by the lapidary council and we need to respond to them within a certain time. Our members must read the revisions, not just a commitee. We will look forward to your responces. thank you

If you have questions please leave a message at the club or phone Ron.

the newsletter links are below in two parts due to the photos. Thank you Suzy for the reports on the field trips, amazing stuff. And thanks for the workshop photos too!





General Meeting August 7th

Just welcoming everyone to the next General Metting. Everyone is welcome and just to remind you if  you have any suggestions this is the time to come in and say what you think. We are gearing up for the next AGM . We need you to suggest people to guide us 8-).

Please come we need your contributions.

9:30 am start.

A HUGE thank you to those who helped with the exhibition. Special thanks to Millie for coming up all the way fromTassie! Nice to see you. We had a lovely group of sellers, just a big thank you to all, YOU are wonderful!