Open Day! October 14, everyone Welcome!

Open Day Saturday – 14th October
Our open day is fast approaching. There is a list of jobs that need doing on the white board, please put
your name down to help out on the day. Carolina is after more stock for the club sales. We are quite
depleted after the exhibition. She is particularly after rough, opals or handmade cabochons. But
anything is good. Please consider what you can do for the club on this day.

Open Day Sausage Sizzle
Come and Enjoy! See how to turn rocks into Gemstones

How to get there


Hi everyone. I haven’t had a great few months. Complications from my surgery. I am slowly getting better don’t worry. I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted. We have had the exhibition and elected New Members for Office. Don’t for get the Open Day coming up. Hope to see you there if I am able. Remember to mark it on your calendar, lots of nice things to buy and see.
Here are June, July and August Newsletters. I hope everyone is well. Best Wishes Kathy

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Here Is the results from our elections! Congratulations and thank you all!