Freedom days, Tuesday Oct. We are open !

from Suzy;

The club has reopened!

You are welcome to attend the club

  • If you are double vaccinated,
  • have paid your membership
  • have made a booking thru John Collace messages can be left on club phone (02) 9618 3206
  • From Kathy- see other contact info from last post. Please write all the Clubs contact info ASAP in your phone for future reference. Thank you.

When you attend the club for the first time, please bring your proof of double vaccination with you, it can be on your phone using the ap, a paper copy of a photograph of a PDF of a paper copy.
I am looking forward to seeing members when I am in on Saturday.- Suzy

Freedom Day/week Oct Newsletter

Great News ! we are waiting patiently for the news that the club will be open.

I do not have official news from the president or others that decide when or where just yet but suggest to check Facebook and / or messenger group for immediate information.

From the newsletter: October Monthly meeting and Open Day will not be held.{ things could change in my opinion.}

All our rules for living with Covid 19 will be in place eg. using hand sanitiser, possibly masks, vaccinations, and registering at door… possibly more.

Membership fees must be paid. Please see details in the newsletter.

Here is October Newsletter:

*It is recommended that you put the info below on your personal contact list on your phone.*

Club house Phone: 96183206 please leave message

Email: / {website editor- Kathy}



Newsletter Editor , Judy :