January 2021 Newsletter

Hi everyone we have some Great News

Late news but good news. Possibly we are opening.
Please we need a Covid Marshal. Just someone to meet us at the door and take our temps. Read details in the Newsletter!
Candidates are asked to show up tomorrow morning and things will progress from there.
Apologies for the late notice but I just received this information a short time ago. See the newsletter for more details.
These are regulations set by the government. the faster we find help the faster the doors open.
best wishes, Kathy
Rock Grinders Gazette-January 2021

DECEMBER/JANUARY newsletter is here!

Dear Everyone,

I hope you had a very good holiday period. If you are anything like me you would have been very busy making your holiday the best it could be during the holiday period.

The newsletter is full of news about the club having a big clean and a new bench made for the drill press, thanks to our members who are very kind and clever.
Margaret has also contributed a very informative article, thank you. As Judy has mentioned we are always looking for articles fun and informative. If they are not your handiwork PLEASE mention where you got your information. We need to know. Send them to Judy.

Apologies for the late publishing, a glitch in my emails. Computers-love them or Leave them, I can do neither.
Take Care and hopefully we will be vaccinated soon.
Rock Grinders Gazette-12 December 2020