Catching up for the Club Members

First Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!

I apologise for not keeping up with our web site and hope you have been keeping in touch though Face Book and the Gazette sent from our secretary.

We have had members with health & personal problems including myself. I had surgery on my back which is far from being healed so I hope you will forgive me for not being on time in the next few months. Fingers crossed that this surgery will be the last surgery for a long time. Suzy our president has had serious surgey as well so lets say prayers for her. Margaret has lost her husband so our condolances go to her. Last names will be kept private for their sakes.

I will list the links for the last few gazettes that I have not posted. I haven’t heard from the newly elected club members so when communication gets back to normal then I will do my best to resume the posts. You can do your part by messaging me. I hope you not mind my absence as it has been it was unavoidable.

If you would like to make a suggestion, contribution, or submission to the newsletter, I would be happy to receive anything lapidary related, or of general interest to members. If you do have something you would like to share please send it in by email: before the last week of the month.

December Gazette

Lot 1 Bensley Road, Hazlett Oval Macquarie Fields,

NSW Australia 2564

Please leave clear messages, you will be answered.

Our secretary, Cassie has sent me a farewell message. she is leaving to a new job in Qld in January. Please watch for more news about the new secretary in your email. do not forget to let me know about YOUR CURRENT NEWS. I can only work with what I know about.

Many thanks Kathy, your website editor

Happy Holidays

Author: kathy

Web site manager for Campbelltown Lapidary Club