General Meeting -for all members Sat 8th


Dear Members

Thank you for your support for Linda and Jaak. I know you all meant a great deal to them. Many of you expressed such beautiful sentiments that I have no trouble seeing why Jaak enjoyed his membership so much. Being surrounded by people like you was a large part of why Jaak  liked to be with our club.

Thank you all so much for your kind words, your generous gifts, and most of all, for your friendship with Jaak. Knowing you will miss him too makes our missing him bit easier to bear.- Kathy


Since it was the long weekend the general meeting was postponed until  Sat the 8th, 2011.  All members are welcomed to the general meetings. It is when you can have your say and especially hear what is going on with the club. If you have any needs or news Please bring it up then. 9:30 am start.

The newsletter was postponed as well. As always if you have anything you need to sell or publish (we are always wanting a good story about your trip or tips) Please contact Margaret Bryant on our email or at the club . Her name is on the Buddy List.


Speaking of the Buddy List. We need to update the Buddy List! You are responsible for your listing and how to get in touch with you.  We also wish to include an email.

Getting in touch with you fast and personally is important sometime but we can not do this if we do not have the correct details. Please contact us via the club phone or email or or secretary. If nothing else leave a note on the attendence book at the club highlighting the subject Buddy List

One of our dear members has passed away

Jaak Bosman husband of Linda Bosman passed away on Tuesday night the 20th of Sept.  Jaak has been a member of our club for many years and has been a much loved friend.

He died from a very bad heart problem.  We all will miss him greatly. If you wish to come and celebrate his life  and give your condolences to Linda,  his funeral will be on Tuesday at the Guardian Funeral parlour on the corner of Broughton and Moore Streets in Campbelltown at 1:30 pm. Please ring me (Kathy) mob 04 0278 5379 if you have any questions. There will be a box for your card- please call about contributions.

Silver Casting is going again!

Dorothy and Barry are back from their holidays!  We’ve missed them terribly and they are getting ready to start silver casting. I wouldn’t wait too long to get in touch.

Friday Nights at the club premises. Please ring Barry or the club to join the sessions asap.

New people need to book in but don’t worry about popping in to see waht it ia all about, email here if you wish or ring the club.

Welcome Back !

Workshop -September and August Newsletters and results from AGM

The workshop is on, 4th Saturday of the month- 25th of Sept.. Textured Silver earrings, please book in, thanks Kathy

Other news


Ron is President, Millie is VP, Casey is VP, John is Treas, Clarice is Minutes sec, Steve McCulloch is Secretary/Publicity, Others are Dieter, Bob & Elaine.  Margaret is Newsletter & Duty officers are Bob, Ron, Dieter, Clarice, Jack, Millie, John & Barry.  Patron is Bob Thompson & Public Officer is Helen Standing.




Gazette September 2011


Gazette August 2011 (2)

Exhibition News

6/08/2011 –

The web page formation is changing. I have been introduced to another program that promises to be easier, Wish me luck! You can now look at the current and previous issues of the Rock Grinders Gazette page by following the link on the left!

Our Exhibition Weekend

The Exhibition went over with out a hitch! Thank yo to all the members, family and others that participated.

Special thankyou to the Ingleburn Library for providing an excellent venue. Steve our care taker was wonderfful again, helping us all weekend.

Other Dates and information that you need to remember-

Jewelry Workshops for the ARE BACK! .  *****More information for anyone interested in the Jewellery Workshops: Start at 9:30 am until approx. 1:30 pm. If you wish to use silver you must book in and place a non refundable deposit. The public is welcome!

All materials will be provided and the cost will be for materials and tutorial-usually under $20 for both members & for non-members.

Our next open day is Oct. 15th. This a day set aside for all those who wish to sell their work as well as Trash and Treasure. We welcome tailgaters! If you can advertise our open day it would be appreciated.

leave messages at 9618 3206 -queries will be answered

Our AGM (Annual General Meeting). We need nominations for most of our officers- President,Vice President, Secretary, and treasurer.  According to our club rules almost all of our officers have servered the maximum time that they are allowed to serve. Thank you so much to all of those who have given up their valuable time and I hope that we will give our best support and knowledge to those who will take their positions.

*see the most current newsletter for more information.


Okay, work to be done and donations need to be made. We need anything and everything for Club Sales If you have a showcase to be exhibitied then sign up on the notice board so we can organise a space for you let the community see your work! We has such a good time at the exhibition that we need you donations badly.

Silver Casting Dorothy and Barry are on Holiday! For Silver Casting information contact please contact the club and refer to the newsletter for when Silver Casting starts back. Silver Casting is on Friday nights only. See the newsletter for updates. Please feel free to join in. ring the club on 9618 3206

Silver smithing is going well! we have new students making great progress. Silver smithing is held each Wednesday, Ron Dean is in charge.

– The next General meeting is on Sat. Sept 3, 2011 unless otherwise advised. 9:30am, on the first Saturday of the month. All members are welcome. The Management Meeting is planned for WEDNESDAY August 17th , the third Wednesday of the month 9:30 start (and subsequent meeting is Sept. 13th)

If you need to contact us please at the club or ph. 9618 3206

We need a supplier for lapidary tools and equipment for or exhibition. If anyone reading this has any ideas for someone who will be happy to join our exhibition and sell to the public we would greatly appreciate hearing from them. Please contact us at the club asap for details.

Please see the Newsletter for more news. Thank you Kathy

The Publicity Officer is Margaret! If you have anything you need to get out to the public, Margaret Bryant is your woman. Let’s give her our complete support!

If you have something to donate for club sales please do, we need small gifts and other resellable pieces to boost club sales, thanks for your efforts!!!

Please email me if you would like to update your information or have news for us:

We still need the t shirts for our club logo to be stamped on it. Please bring a favourite T-shirt to get a Campbelltown Lapidary Logo on it. Any colour, and style. Bring it in and we will make it a members shirt for you! Questions? Call Clarice at the club

We also need your input for our list of Dates to Remember. If you know of any dates to list contact me ASAP so I can list them in the Rock Grinders Gazette!




*We still are getting the kinks out of the web site- thanks for being so good about the mistakes especially the broken links. Kathy!