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Please Note: this event is finished and the note below is FYI only. Apologies for the confusion, Kathy
We have several events through the year that can be enjoyed. Sorry if you were not able to attend.
Monday! Sept. 8th Details below:
It is a great opportunity for all those wanting special rough Opals. From: Secretary CDLC ]
Sent: Saturday, 6 October 2018 2:19 PM
Subject: Campbelltown & Districts Lapidary Club – Information Updated

Just a quick email to inform you that a commercial Opal Miner will be visiting our Club to display and sell Opal rough and cut Yowie nuts. Prices for the items on sale range from $15 to $200.

This chap has approached our Club to show and offer his goods for sale., the Club has not approached him.

If you are interested, he will be at the Club Rooms on Monday 8/10/2018 from approx. 10:30am for a couple of hours.



From Margaret:
As several members are in lightning ridge digging dirt, casting will not be on this friday night. Next week casting open as usual.
All other days open as usual.
{Oct. 5th. Open as usual Oct 12th 2018}

******SAT, OCT 20 AT 9 AM, please see more in the Newsletter and previous posts here. Please copy and print out flyers to share to others who would like to see how our club works.

Open Day 20th October 2018

Campbelltown & Districts Lapidary Club ยท Macquarie Fields

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