December 2018 News

Christmas is coming up very soon!

*The Club rooms will be closed from the end of the
session Saturday 22/12/2018 until Saturday 12/19 when the Club re-opens for 2019/2019

Christmas Lunch 2018
This year will be on Saturday 15/12/2018 from 12 noon
to …….
Setting up to start at 11am.
$5 per person to be pre-paid.
Please also bring a plate of food to
assist with catering
There will be a Raffle and Lucky Door prizes.

Lunch will be held at the club rooms:
ADDRESS: Lot 1 Bensley Road, Hazlett Oval,
Macquarie Fields NSW 2564
MAIL : PO Box 477 Ingleburn NSW 1890
PHONE : (02) 9618 3206

Thank You to everyone who has taken the time to volunteer and help with all of the clubs activities.
Also it has been a joy to share the activities , you can’t accomplish what we do on our own.
Happy Christmas Everyone!
Rock Grinders Gazette-December+Jan-2018-2019

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November News

Happy Thanksgiving! Christmas is around the corner. Good luck with preparations everyone.
I have a great deal of catching up to do.
First thanks everyone on the open day. You had a lot of very kind wishes for me.

Very important note from John our new secretary newsletter writer:
####Please find listed below some important dates which were not published in the Newsletter.
- 15/12/2018 at 12 noon the Club Christmas Party begins. Setting up starts at 11am.
$5 per person to be pre-paid to assist with catering.
Please bring a plate of cakes, slices or savouries and dip or a plate of food to help with the lunch.

- 22/12/2018 is the last day in 2018 the Workshop is open.
- 12/01/2019 Club workshop re-opens in 2019.

- 26 & 28/01/2019 Club workshop is closed for Australia Day Public Holiday.

- 8/12/2018 is the next Management Committee meeting – 9am to 10am. Workshop open at 10am.

A very safe, yet Magical Christmas and New Year to you and your families.


Kind Regards,
our November Newsletter:

Rock Grinders Gazette-November-2018

Rock Grinders Gazette-October-2018

Membership is now overdue:

Please see the newsletter for more information. Please check in, the fee is minimal compared to the benifits. If you have had circumstances that have kept you from the club for any amount of time you are very welcome to rejoin -there in no penalty. If you need our help please contact us. Best Wishes Kathy

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days news!!!!! Upcoming events- pass it on. Share on FaceBook and Instagram and Twitter.

Please Note: this event is finished and the note below is FYI only. Apologies for the confusion, Kathy
We have several events through the year that can be enjoyed. Sorry if you were not able to attend.
Monday! Sept. 8th Details below:
It is a great opportunity for all those wanting special rough Opals. From: Secretary CDLC ]
Sent: Saturday, 6 October 2018 2:19 PM
Subject: Campbelltown & Districts Lapidary Club – Information Updated

Just a quick email to inform you that a commercial Opal Miner will be visiting our Club to display and sell Opal rough and cut Yowie nuts. Prices for the items on sale range from $15 to $200.

This chap has approached our Club to show and offer his goods for sale., the Club has not approached him.

If you are interested, he will be at the Club Rooms on Monday 8/10/2018 from approx. 10:30am for a couple of hours.



From Margaret:
As several members are in lightning ridge digging dirt, casting will not be on this friday night. Next week casting open as usual.
All other days open as usual.
{Oct. 5th. Open as usual Oct 12th 2018}

******SAT, OCT 20 AT 9 AM, please see more in the Newsletter and previous posts here. Please copy and print out flyers to share to others who would like to see how our club works.

Open Day 20th October 2018

Campbelltown & Districts Lapidary Club · Macquarie Fields

Please share for those you know who cares!

October 2018 Newsletter
Rock Grinders Gazette-October-2018

August 2018 Newsletter

Rock Grinders Gazette-August-2018

Other club contacts
Margaret Bryant

direct email for webmaster Kathy campbelltownlapidary@

Thank you all for your patience do to my long term recovery from back and knee surgery., best wishes, Kathy

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It’s coming up SOON. Open Day Flyer

Hi everyone!
Please feel free to print the flyer and distribute to your clients and colleagues. We would love to see you there.
Other news is the AGM (Annual General Meeting) is coming up. Please feel free to nominate members for positions.
Please leave your suggestions on the noticeboard at the club. Remember Margaret is leaving her position. She needs a gold medal for her work over the years. Don’t forget to thank her personally.

Also, pay your fees. its very important for insurance coverage. You will not be able to use the machines if we can not give you coverage. The newsletter for September will be coming soon. John has done a wonderful job with August’s newsletter. I personally am looking forward to Septembers news.

Campbelltown Lapidary Open Day Oct. 2018

Our Bi Annual Open Day for 2018

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August Newsletter 2018

Can you believe it? August already!

The exhibition went very well. Thank you everyone who helped make it a success. we owe you all for your time and effort.
August will be a busy month. Important to note fees are due.You need to pay asap. A small amount for use of a lot of equipment and knowledge. Please check the newsletter for more information.
The Annual General Meeting ( AGM ) will be soon, that is when officers are elected. if you have someone who might be a great duty officer or VP or even President, sign them up. Our lists are on the notice board. See the newsletter for more!

Margaret has stepped down from her position and another person will need to fill the spot. Thank you Margaret for the years of care and attention you have given. If you did not know Margaret was also known for bringing in a few trophies for her newsletter work when she took over from me- before myself Clarice was our newsletter editor and writer for many years. It is a valued position. John, thank you for filling that spot after Suzy! Newsletter writers are always looking for submissions. If you have something to say for example a favorite spot to find gemstones or a joke to tell please pop it in the email or leave it on the sign in desk, submissions are always happily welcomed.

If you are interested in joining our club please call and or just visit on a day we are open. Phone messages will be answered.

Here is the newsletter:
Rock Grinders Gazette-August-2018

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Exhibition coming soon! please see Newsletter for more news about current info

Hi there Lapidary Members. I haven’t had very much luck with my health so if you haven’t seen me here it is for good reason. Best wishes for everyone.
Please don’t forget the Exhibition. plenty to see, buy and lots for the family. Come have a cuppa and a sandwich or cake. We have some of the best opportunities to buy minerals, rocks, handmade jewelry and other goodies in Western Sydney.
Highlights below
Exhibition 14th & 15th
July 2018
We are in the process of preparing for our Exhibition.
 Volunteers are needed to assist on the day.
 A limited number of Display Cases are available for Member’s work (One per member). Please see the Notice Board.
 Member’s stall details.
 All the above are shown on the Whiteboard. Please check there for more details.
 Flyers have been distributed.
Margaret, the Club’s current Event Co-Ordinator, has after many years in this position, decided to step down after the
completion of the July Exhibition. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Margaret for her attention to detail in th is
position and always willing to provide anyone who needed information about the Open Days and Exhibitions with that
Elizabeth and Margaret encourage one or more Club Members to step forward and take over the Event Co-Ordinator role.
Please know that Margaret has offered to assist the new Co-Ordinator whilst they are learning what to do. To assist Margaret
with the Exhibition in July would be extremely advantageous and an excellent opportunity to learn about the position. Please
feel free to ask Margaret for what is involved as Co-Ordinator.

Campbelltown & Districts Lapidary Club Newsletter Catch up

Rock Grinders Gazette-May-2018
Rock Grinders Gazette-June-2018
Rock Grinders Gazette-July-2018 (002)


Lot 1 Bensley Road, Hazlett Oval,
Macquarie Fields, New South Wales, Australia
Get Directions on Google maps

Call (02) 9618 3206 leave Message and your call will be returned asap


***I have to repeat I am sorry for any delays. I have had one heck of a time with my health. Please feel free to email me or the club. a good old fashioned land line call will be nice too. I hope you enjoy the exhibition.

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April Newsletter and More

Plan the best days a person wanting to make Rocks into Gems !
This Years Field Trip – Glen Innes – 15/04/18 – 22/04/18 see newsletter
The Exhibition is coming up!
Sat 14-15 July 2018 9 AM until 4pm
Campbelltown Lapidary Club 40th Annual Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Exhibition
Time : Sat 9:30am-5pm, Sun 9:30am-4pm
Greg Percival Community Centre
Cnr 0xford Rd & Cumberland Rd, Ingleburn
Contact Margaret on 02 9618 3206 during Club Opening times
for more information.
Always leave a message!
Then shortly after that we have our second open Day Sausage Sizzle this year.
Rocks Minerals Jewellery findings and fun!
Club Rooms : Lot 1 Bensley Road, Hazlett Oval,
Macquarie Fields, New South Wales, Australia 2564
More information in the Newsletter!
Just a suggestion! Put this on your phone calendar. You may want to give yourself a heads up the week before!
**Membership renewal is due on 1st July each year.
See also Our Facebook page for pictures and info

Rock Grinders Gazette-April-2018

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Feb News Update! Open Day Markets! March 24 2018


Our Market Bootsale part of our OPEN DAY has become so popular we have limited spaces available, so can you kindly contact us asap.
We will now have to arrange bookings they will be essential for open day.
We now have a map for positions and require insurance certificates prior to day.

Below is the flyer again for those who need it again

Open Day Flyer for March 24, 2018

Please feel free to copy and send to all those interested

below is the Future events after the Open Day in March

Campbelltown Lapidary OPEN TO PUBLIC  Days!

Days to learn and enjoy making Rocks into Gemstones! Public Welcome please print and send to friends!

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February News

This is crazy. I knew I wasn’t having a good time with my last surgery but didn’t know it had been so long since I have posted here. I am so sorry. I wish that you, the readers, would let me know if I am wasting time or not.
For those who are reading this. I had spinal surgery on my L2 level. It has been painful and I am just not healing as well as I would like. Please if you want to see more from Campbelltown Lapidary you can see us on our Facebook page here:

So I really haven’t left you high and dry, there is always somewhere to see whats up if you are worried. You can always ring us and leave a message too.

We have a field trip coming up and also just fyi we are back to our regular opening hours since our Christmas break.
Info here
Glen Innes Fossicking trip
15/04/18 – 22/04/18
This year we will be basing ourselves in Glen Innes. I have booked into the Glen Rest Tourist Park 0267322413. They have plenty of easy drive through caravan sites, camping sites and some cabins.
I have organised some activities with Steve Cohen, a local geologist
We will be having a sausage sizzle and fossick at his Emerald Mine
He will be taking us to a good spot in Mt Torrington to fossick for topaz and smokey quartz clusters
He will be taking us to a fossil site and them taking us fossick for Jelly bean quartz
We will be visiting the Emmerville Mineral Museum (this is quite spectacular)
We will also be looking for sapphires at Three oaks fossicking park.
I will have further details available as we get closer to the trip.

Any queries – email or text to 0414574057

Here is a catch up with NewslettersRock Grinders Gazzette January18

Rock Grinders Gazette-February-2018

Other Important News
Yes,Believe it or Not, We are having our first of two Open Days soon. The second will be after our Exhibition midyear.

The brochure will be below. Please feel free to print it out and display it for anyone interested. We offer tailgating. It is becoming very popular and I advise you ring and book in asap. Booking is not essential but highly recommended. We have been full the last couple years. we offer handmade jewelry, gold , Opals and other gemstones. Also findings (pieces to make jewelry with).
We open the club to the public to show you what we do. Its a family orientated club that helps people access machinery and the knowledge to turn rocks into gemstones. You must be over 13 to use the machinery.
Flyer for the Campbelltown Lapidary Club Open Day March 24th Saturday 2018

Campbelltown Lapidary Open Day Flyer Back

Campbelltown Lapidary Open Day Flyer Please feel free to copy and display

well hows this for a catch up? I will review this and see what else I haven’t shared with you.
Please write to me at
Best Wishes, Kathy

Rock Grinders Gazette-November-2017
Rock Grinders Gazette-December-January-2017-2018

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Open Day! October 14, everyone Welcome!

Open Day Saturday – 14th October
Our open day is fast approaching. There is a list of jobs that need doing on the white board, please put
your name down to help out on the day. Carolina is after more stock for the club sales. We are quite
depleted after the exhibition. She is particularly after rough, opals or handmade cabochons. But
anything is good. Please consider what you can do for the club on this day.

Open Day Sausage Sizzle

Come and Enjoy! See how to turn rocks into Gemstones

How to get there

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