Freedom days, Tuesday Oct. We are open !

from Suzy;

The club has reopened!

You are welcome to attend the club

  • If you are double vaccinated,
  • have paid your membership
  • have made a booking thru John Collace messages can be left on club phone (02) 9618 3206
  • From Kathy- see other contact info from last post. Please write all the Clubs contact info ASAP in your phone for future reference. Thank you.

When you attend the club for the first time, please bring your proof of double vaccination with you, it can be on your phone using the ap, a paper copy of a photograph of a PDF of a paper copy.
I am looking forward to seeing members when I am in on Saturday.- Suzy

Freedom Day/week Oct Newsletter

Great News ! we are waiting patiently for the news that the club will be open.

I do not have official news from the president or others that decide when or where just yet but suggest to check Facebook and / or messenger group for immediate information.

From the newsletter: October Monthly meeting and Open Day will not be held.{ things could change in my opinion.}

All our rules for living with Covid 19 will be in place eg. using hand sanitiser, possibly masks, vaccinations, and registering at door… possibly more.

Membership fees must be paid. Please see details in the newsletter.

Here is October Newsletter:

*It is recommended that you put the info below on your personal contact list on your phone.*

Club house Phone: 96183206 please leave message

Email: / {website editor- Kathy}



Newsletter Editor , Judy :

July, August and September Gazettes

Sept 12, 2021

Hello everyone,

Apologies if you have found the website inaccessible, it should now be restored and the last three newsletters published with this message.

We have been closed for some time now but it looks as if we will be opening up end of October for shops such as hairdressers etc. Please remember this has to be verified by the the club. You will be told as soon as possible and I assume it may be dependent on you having a vaccination. Please look out for an update soon.

Also, It is time for us to send in our yearly membership. Because of lockdown and our Open Day and Exhibition being cancelled our bank balance has been depleted. Your fees are needed to keep things running smoothly and ready to open on time. Our bank information is on the August 2021 Newsletter.

First of the month general meetings will NOT be held at this time until further notice. Please contact Susy, Margaret or Suzy thru Facebook messenger if you wish immediate attention. You are an important part of the club and your input is extremely valuable. There is no such thing as a silly question.

Judy has done an excellent job on the newsletters. She has put in some very valuable information and very interesting information for all of us. Please help her out by giving her information that you might have run across. I think that she should be given a big pat on her back, thank you Judy, you have been a blessing to us.

Finally, as in the Newsletter, Judy has given us the link to the Gem and Lapidary Council of NSW: http//

Contributions can be made to

Below will be the newsletters for July, August and September in case they were not available. You are welcome to read any of the newsletters in the list.

Take care and best wishes, Kathy.

Sad news

One of our oldest kindest members has passed away. I do not have any contact information yet. Apologies
Kathleen O’shaunnassy
Kathleen and her family have been long time members and residents in Bowral NSW. I will try to post if I get it. She was to have her funeral today . Tuesday 29 of June 2021.
If anyone has this information for me please contact me. thank you.

Setting up day for the exhibition unfortunately is the last day of Covid restrictions. July 9.
Please check our Facebook page for more current information.

Sad News about our member Dorthy Perkins

Dear Members,
Vale, Dorthy Perkins
We are deeply saddened to hear the news that one of our beloved club members Dorthy Perkins has passed away.
She has been a supportive club member and Duty Officer since 2000.
Her funeral will be on Tuesday 2nd of March at 10:30 am at South Chapel,Forest Lawn, Leppington.
The family has requested that in lieu of flowers if possible people could make a donation to Cancer Research. There will be a collection box at the service.
Our condolences to Barry and her family.

Feb Newsletter and Great News about opening

We have come along way baby. Important thoughts first
The Club is open for business! This is all because our community has been diligent about being safe. you need to book to come in but it’s wonderful news.

Please check the newsletter for information so we could open our doors. Please keep washing hands, wear a mask if asked to, social distancing etc. The newsletter is clear about what we need to do to stay safe.

We have an Open Day Planned: March 20th, 2021
you aren’t seeing things! tell everyone who loves our Open Days and more. Free entry 9am-2pm.
If you are from another lapidary group please publish, we are ready to roll.

How to book in and the schedule in in the newsletter.
Click Here:
Rock Grinders Gazette- February 2021

See Campbelltown Lapidary and Districts on Facebook
Full flyer is now displayed there, I am working on transferring it. Print it and give it to your friends.

Please email for information if you want to join the Open Day on this email:
with the heading Open Day March 20 2021
or/and leave a message on 0296183206
Thank you everyone for making this happen

January 2021 Newsletter

Hi everyone we have some Great News

Late news but good news. Possibly we are opening.
Please we need a Covid Marshal. Just someone to meet us at the door and take our temps. Read details in the Newsletter!
Candidates are asked to show up tomorrow morning and things will progress from there.
Apologies for the late notice but I just received this information a short time ago. See the newsletter for more details.
These are regulations set by the government. the faster we find help the faster the doors open.
best wishes, Kathy
Rock Grinders Gazette-January 2021