Late News, Sorry, Covid madness for me

Hi everyone, I didn’t receive my newsletter email as usual for the last couple months so was waiting for this Covid pandemic to settle a bit and hear from someone at the club. Finally found July’s newsletter in my box. it’s a good one by the way. Thank you Judy, you made us smile!
June’s Newsletter has very important information. We will open those doors asap. We will have to adhere to masks and social distancing. I hope you are staying home as much as possible since we have had the outbreaks at the Crossroads. As Judy reminded us in the Newsletter our Retired members are almost always co-morbid. If you don’t understand what that is it means you have a disease or have had a disease like diabetes now or in the past that affects you especially your lungs or heart. And if you are not older you do not want to pass this horrible virus on to your family.

Here is an excerpt from June’s newsletter:
Exhibition With much reluctance, we have cancelled our annual exhibition. An exhibition would not be viable even under the relaxed restrictions. We have re-booked for the same weekend next year
October Open Day At this stage we have not made a decision about the Open Day. We are hopeful that we can have it.
But, in this ever-changing world we live in, we cannot make a decision that far in advance. I have my fingers crossed.
Club Membership For our club to remain being legally allowed to remain a club, we must have paid up members. The club still must pay rent, electricity, phone and internet each month no matter what. Some of our costs are down, but some remain the same whether we use the club or not.
Rock Grinders Gazette-July 2020
Rock Grinders Gazette- June 2020
Rock Grinders Gazette-May 2020.docx

Thank you everyone for your patience. We hope we will be back in action soon. If you have something for the Newsletter please feel free to contact us here, the emails or better yet Facebook. take care, Kathy

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