August Newsletter 2018

Can you believe it? August already!

The exhibition went very well. Thank you everyone who helped make it a success. we owe you all for your time and effort.
August will be a busy month. Important to note fees are due.You need to pay asap. A small amount for use of a lot of equipment and knowledge. Please check the newsletter for more information.
The Annual General Meeting ( AGM ) will be soon, that is when officers are elected. if you have someone who might be a great duty officer or VP or even President, sign them up. Our lists are on the notice board. See the newsletter for more!

Margaret has stepped down from her position and another person will need to fill the spot. Thank you Margaret for the years of care and attention you have given. If you did not know Margaret was also known for bringing in a few trophies for her newsletter work when she took over from me- before myself Clarice was our newsletter editor and writer for many years. It is a valued position. John, thank you for filling that spot after Suzy! Newsletter writers are always looking for submissions. If you have something to say for example a favorite spot to find gemstones or a joke to tell please pop it in the email or leave it on the sign in desk, submissions are always happily welcomed.

If you are interested in joining our club please call and or just visit on a day we are open. Phone messages will be answered.

Here is the newsletter:
Rock Grinders Gazette-August-2018

Author: kathy

Web site manager for Campbelltown Lapidary Club