Campbelltown Lapidary Exhibition and July Newsletter

Thank You all for the good wishes after my surgery and especially thank you for your patience with the web site delays.

I hope that you will comment below so if I have missed something you wish to have displayed and advertised on this site we can get that accomplished.

We need to remember that the exhibition is on for the weekend! We need everyone’s help. Our numbers have dwindled because we have lost some of our most active members. Millie passed away suddenly while I was in the hospital and we have many on holiday. We need you more than we ever have before. Please show up at the Clive Percival Hall, Ingleburn Friday Afternoon at 2:30- 3PM


Our annual exhibition is on 12th – 13th July at the Greg Percival Centre Ingleburn. This is one of the most important events in our club calendar. For the event to be successful we need all club members to assist in some way.

We will be setting up on Friday 11th July and will need assistance getting our exhibits to the centre. On the days of the exhibition we desperately need people to do a shift in the canteen – making sandwiches, tea coffee etc. We will then need help packing up on the Sunday. We are also looking for people to help out at the children’s gem activity table.

There is a job sheet on the club whiteboard, please put your name down if you can help out with one of the many jobs needing to be done.

Please let us know how you can help. The exhibition is the club’s main revenue raiser and we know how much our club means to one and all. Every little bit helps

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