Merry Christmas all!
News from our Dec 7 General Meeting
Suzy will possibly head up a field trip to Oberon,and Inverelle! please get in touch with Suzy if you are interested in going. Suzy has done a wonderful job organising field trips this year, thank you!
We have changed our menu for the Christmas Party. We weren’t able to hire the spit, no worries, we have everything under control. We will have Prawns (very nice choice) ham . Salads, bread rolls, BYO alcoholic drinks. Soft drinks supplied.
See you there!
Our next General Meeting will be February 1st, 2014. The club will be closed from Dec 21st until Jan. 6th.
Helpers are needed from 9:30 am Dec. 14th to set up for the Christmas Party . It starts at 6pm. See you there!
Ps big computer break down at my house , 8-(

I will publish the newsletter ASAP.


Author: kathy

Web site manager for Campbelltown Lapidary Club