Sorry- Another member has passed

More bad news, another very loved member has passed. John Mckenzie has passed away as well. John has been battling for so long and has been in hospital off an on for years. The last I heard from his neice Kay was that he came home around Easter. There was nothing else they could do. He was our stalwart treasurer for umptine years. I don’t have funeral info as yet. I am waiting for that. I may not be able to post anything and also may have to take Jack Sheppard’s info down because I am reminded that there are people who will come to our homes when they know we are out and steal from us. So, call me or one of the other members shortly when we know the details. Big hugs for all of you. Kathy

PS I will take this and the previous post down as soon as I am advised so please write down the information. thank you



Author: kathy

Web site manager for Campbelltown Lapidary Club