General Meeting -for all members Sat 8th


Dear Members

Thank you for your support for Linda and Jaak. I know you all meant a great deal to them. Many of you expressed such beautiful sentiments that I have no trouble seeing why Jaak enjoyed his membership so much. Being surrounded by people like you was a large part of why Jaak  liked to be with our club.

Thank you all so much for your kind words, your generous gifts, and most of all, for your friendship with Jaak. Knowing you will miss him too makes our missing him bit easier to bear.- Kathy


Since it was the long weekend the general meeting was postponed until  Sat the 8th, 2011.  All members are welcomed to the general meetings. It is when you can have your say and especially hear what is going on with the club. If you have any needs or news Please bring it up then. 9:30 am start.

The newsletter was postponed as well. As always if you have anything you need to sell or publish (we are always wanting a good story about your trip or tips) Please contact Margaret Bryant on our email or at the club . Her name is on the Buddy List.


Speaking of the Buddy List. We need to update the Buddy List! You are responsible for your listing and how to get in touch with you.  We also wish to include an email.

Getting in touch with you fast and personally is important sometime but we can not do this if we do not have the correct details. Please contact us via the club phone or email or or secretary. If nothing else leave a note on the attendence book at the club highlighting the subject Buddy List

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