April News

Sorry for the bad news that is in front of all of us but here is the newsletter/ hopefully we will be back on board soon.
Rock Grinders Gazette-April 2020

take care and follow the recommendations for all of our welfare. We are the front line, wash your hands, keep your distances and isolate yourselves.

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March 2020 Newsletter!

Hello everyone!
We are having our Open Day very soon (Saturday – 21 March, 9- 3pm -). Provided the weather holds out we will have a great time. Lots of good things and people to see. Please check the newsletter for more information.
Don’t be shy either. You can ring and leave a message with you questions. 02 9618 3206
See you soon
Click below for our Newsletter
Rock Grinders Gazette-March 2020

ADDRESS: Lot 1 Bensley Road, Hazlett Oval Macquarie Fields NSW 2564
MAIL: PO Box 477, Ingleburn NSW 1890
EMAIL: ctownlapidaryclub@bigpond.com
WEBSITE: campbelltownlapidary.org.au
PHONE: (02) 9618 3206

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Open Day March 21st 2020

For every waiting for the good news about our Open Day!
We plan to have our Open Day on Saturday 21st March 2020.
It starts at 9am until 3pm. Set up times will be given to you when you are given your market stall, you can ring to leave a message for this and other information. Please leave plain and clear details in order for us to call back.

Our Open Day is our chance to show you how the club works. We have morning tea and a yummy sausage sizzle. You are welcome to copy and display the flyer below.
Lot 1 Bensley Road Macquarie Fields
campbelltownlapidary@hotmail.com for newsletter info.
Phone: 029618 3206

Campbelltown Lapidary Open Day Markets

Biannual Open Day Come and see Markets and our club

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November News

Christmas is coming soon, Our christmas party will be advertised in the newsletter. Volunteers to help will be welcome. See you there!
Unfortunately our field trip is postponed until next year due to the drought.

Club Holiday Closure Club will be closed for the Christmas Holiday break from Saturday 14 December 2019 until Saturday 11 January 2020.

Sat 14 Dec 2019 CAMPBELLTOWN District Lapidary Club
Christmas Party
Time: 12.00 noon
Cost: $5.00
Venue: Lot 1 Bensley Road, Ingleburn
Note: Please write your name on the noticeboard if attending, for catering purposes.
Please also bring a plate of food, eg salad, desert. The club will be providing BBQ meat and lucky door prizes.
Workshops will close at 11.00 am for cleaning up purposes, as this is the last day the Club will be open for the year.
See the Newsletter for other news.

Rock Grinders Gazette-November 2019
We always welcome stories related to the club for the newsletter. Please contact the club, preferably leave a message on the phone as well so your message can be returned promptly. Late membership fees always welcome. If you haven’t caught up don’t worry things happen. Just let us know.

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October News

Rock Grinders Gazette-October 2019

Open day! Saturday 19th October

Campbelltown Lapidary Open Day

Everyone is Welcome to Our biannual Open Day Oct !9

Remember update your membership if you haven’t already! Any questions? just ring the club and if no one is there we will get back to you asap.

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August News

Good Morning all
You wouldn’t know but I have been in hospital again.
Sorry for the delay.
in my attempt to sort out a new phone I have found the replies to this site should be coming to our emails or our Facebook page. When I get a bit more time I will check my contacts list and make sure they correlate with the web site. Apologies if you have tried to contact the club here. remember the Facebook page


My email is campbelltownlapidary@hotmail.com

Rock Grinders Gazette-August-2019 (002)

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Hooray! the Exhibition is coming soon!

Please Put This On Your Calendar and Print out the flyer below. We have gifts and fun for you and your Family!

Campbelltown Lapidary Gem Exhibition Show

Rock, Jewelry,41st Annual Gem Show July 13 & 14 2019

Please SHARE with shops and public places. Everyone is welcome!!!!!

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Fossiking Field Trip!

Hi Everyone
A huge thank you for the help on Open Day. The weather wasn’t the best but we certainly had a great day for our friends and visitors. Thanks everyone

We have been lucky to have field trips that will not be forgotten. Please share this flyer to you lapidary friends.
Glen Innes Fossicking TripApril 19

Important Read the flyer!
Motel accommodation is becoming scarce due to this trip being over part of the Easter weekend. I suggest you book ASAP. Don and I will be staying at Anna Bella Motel (02) 6732 2688. Powered sites are still available at the caravan parks

If you are interested in this trip or need more details
Contact Suzy Brandstater
Or email suzybrandstater@hotmail.com
Non member participation MUST be okayed by Suzy

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Welcome All ! Open Day Boot Sale Sausage Sizzle

Campbelltown Lapidary Open Day Sausage Sizzle Boot Sale

Please share this with all your creative friends and family!

Look for the most current news from our club.
see the Diary for news throughout the year
Rock Grinders Gazette-February-2019

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December 2018 News

Christmas is coming up very soon!

*The Club rooms will be closed from the end of the
session Saturday 22/12/2018 until Saturday 12/19 when the Club re-opens for 2019/2019

Christmas Lunch 2018
This year will be on Saturday 15/12/2018 from 12 noon
to …….
Setting up to start at 11am.
$5 per person to be pre-paid.
Please also bring a plate of food to
assist with catering
There will be a Raffle and Lucky Door prizes.

Lunch will be held at the club rooms:
ADDRESS: Lot 1 Bensley Road, Hazlett Oval,
Macquarie Fields NSW 2564
MAIL : PO Box 477 Ingleburn NSW 1890
EMAIL : ctownlapidaryclub@bigpond.com
WEBSITE: campbelltownlapidary.org.au
PHONE : (02) 9618 3206

Thank You to everyone who has taken the time to volunteer and help with all of the clubs activities.
Also it has been a joy to share the activities , you can’t accomplish what we do on our own.
Happy Christmas Everyone!
Rock Grinders Gazette-December+Jan-2018-2019

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