Sorry- Another member has passed

More bad news, another very loved member has passed. John Mckenzie has passed away as well. John has been battling for so long and has been in hospital off an on for years. The last I heard from his neice Kay was that he came home around Easter. There was nothing else they could do. He was our stalwart treasurer for umptine years. I don’t have funeral info as yet. I am waiting for that. I may not be able to post anything and also may have to take Jack Sheppard’s info down because I am reminded that there are people who will come to our homes when they know we are out and steal from us. So, call me or one of the other members shortly when we know the details. Big hugs for all of you. Kathy

PS I will take this and the previous post down as soon as I am advised so please write down the information. thank you



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Obituary , Jack Sheppard


For all of us that knew and cared for Jack


Jack Sheppard passed away at the age of 85 last Wednesday afternoon and his funeral will be held on Thursday next at Holy Trinity Church, Graham Ave Lurnea at 10.30 AM. Lunch will be available at the church hall following the funeral for those who wish to partake. (from Ron Dean)

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Jack has passed away

I know I can speak for all of us at the club. We are so sad to hear Jack has lost his battle with cancer. He passed  yesterday July 25, 2012. Please ring the club for info if I haven’t posted it here, I do not have the funeral information as yet.  Please join us in celebrating his life when we find out where we will meet. Our sympathy goes out to his family.


Love from Kathy

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Lapidary Exhibition THIS WEEKEND!

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Saturday what to do..

What to do this weekend?

Boot sales  Garage Sales Gem sales Jewelry Sales

Ingleburn Community Centre next to the Library Hope to see you there!

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Newsletter, Exhibition News, Jack gravely ill

Here is the July Newsletter , thank you Margaret  Gazette July 2012


Our Annual Exhibition is just around the corner. We need everyone possible to help out.  Some of our oldest and most dedicated volunteers will not be able to help this year so we need you to step up and join us for this weekend.  “Many hands make light work” so join us. Will need your help from midday Friday July 21, 2012.  Please contact Ron or leave a message on the club’s phone if you can join in.  There is always something to do. Thank You for your help in advance!

July 2012 Exhibition flyer

Please if nothing else distribute the flyer and the bookmark advertising the exhibition everywhere you can. They can be collected at the sign in desk.


One of our oldest and dearest members Jack Sheppard is gravely ill. We wish his family all our love and support.  Jack has lived in Casula for more than 30 years and has been a loving dad and grandfather and volunteer for the public school and church. He has been a contributing member for our club teaching adults and children. Good wishes can be sent to the club and will be passed on to him and his family.


Immediately after the exhibition our membership fees will be due. More information is in the newsletter. Also several positions are up for election. Please nominate your favourite!  Again more information is in the newsletter.  If you wish you can also nominate yourself. We especially need to fill Millie’s and Jack’s positions as duty officers. Please let us know, thank You!

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Club Closed for Queens Birthday weekend- newsletter here

G’day… here is the newsletter,Keep warm and dry and enjoy your long weekend!


Gazette June 2012


For Sale

If anyone is interested in 6″ nova wheels (and anything else) in all grits, $140 each   For anyone interested You need to place order before end of June-  aiming to place an order at the end of the month call Adam 0405398490


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Exhibition Flyer!!! Please Print out and post at your favourite places

Hello everyone.

The newsletter is coming soon but before you stop reading Check out the Flyer for the exhibition.  We need everyone to print them out if you are able and post them EVERYWHERE you can.


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Newsletter for May

Gazette May 2012

Sorry for the late post, Margaret and I didn’t get our heads together this month! Mostly my fault. Sorry everyone.


I need to tell you that enamelling is our next Workshop. We will be looking at new techniques =drawing and shading. I hope you will come.

Please book in, The public is welcome. Thank You. Kathy

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Working with Polymere Clay!

Lapidary Craft Classes!

Working With Polymere Clay

This Month we are going to work with Polymere Clay. Making jewelry does not only confine itself to silver and gold and gemstones. Learning how to use polymere clay can help directly with using silver clay.

Cost $10 . Polymere clay is included. We supply tools but it is always best to bring your own.  Bring molds and any other relavant materials if you wish. Bring ideas you would like to try and we will see if we can work them into the lesson.

We are open Monday 24th to book in but Wednesday is Anzac Day -the club will be closed.  Please ring the club for your booking however it is best to email me on

9:30am start  morning tea provided.. thanks Kathy


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A&E Metal their email fact sheet for us

A&E Metal sends a monthly newsletter and this time they sent information about fire scale. Since we solder it is very relavant to our work. The pictures did not transfer but …Here it is:


April Update

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