August and September Newsletters

Here are the last two newsletters. Apologies for the late August Newsletter

Rock Grinders GazzetteSeptember14


Rock Grinders GazzetteJAugust14

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Campbelltown Lapidary Gem show Exhibition Jewely Gem Sale

Updated Exhibition Flyer for 2014!

Come to our Annual Exhibition on the weekend of July 12th and 13th. Saturday and Sunday – Athe the Clive Percival Community Centre in Ingleburn.

See the Flyer Above, better yet print it out and you will have all the info in your hand.

We have several sellers of Jewellery, Opals, Crystals, Jewellery findings and tools.. Be sure you visit Adam’s Opals and Linda’s jewellery. They have contributed to the advertising of this exhibition so they deserve special mention, they have quality hand crafted goods not found elsewhere. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. we have fun for the kids and sandwiches, coffee drinks and cakes. enjoy! Ring the numbers below if you have any questions!

For More information please ring Ron 46 283608 or Clarise 46 266938

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Campbelltown Lapidary Exhibition and July Newsletter

Thank You all for the good wishes after my surgery and especially thank you for your patience with the web site delays.

I hope that you will comment below so if I have missed something you wish to have displayed and advertised on this site we can get that accomplished.

We need to remember that the exhibition is on for the weekend! We need everyone’s help. Our numbers have dwindled because we have lost some of our most active members. Millie passed away suddenly while I was in the hospital and we have many on holiday. We need you more than we ever have before. Please show up at the Clive Percival Hall, Ingleburn Friday Afternoon at 2:30- 3PM


Our annual exhibition is on 12th – 13th July at the Greg Percival Centre Ingleburn. This is one of the most important events in our club calendar. For the event to be successful we need all club members to assist in some way.

We will be setting up on Friday 11th July and will need assistance getting our exhibits to the centre. On the days of the exhibition we desperately need people to do a shift in the canteen – making sandwiches, tea coffee etc. We will then need help packing up on the Sunday. We are also looking for people to help out at the children’s gem activity table.

There is a job sheet on the club whiteboard, please put your name down if you can help out with one of the many jobs needing to be done.

Please let us know how you can help. The exhibition is the club’s main revenue raiser and we know how much our club means to one and all. Every little bit helps

Rock Grinders GazzetteJuly14

Rock Grinders Gazette April 2014

Rock Grinders GazzetteMay2014



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Don’t Forget our Open Day Sausage Sizzle March 22, 2014



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March Newsletter and Open Day!

Our bi annual Open day is coming up quickly March 22nd. We need everyone to advertise and contribute.

We love to have visitors You will get to see how the club is run. You will get to see how a rock is made into a gemstone. We have several sellers of handmade jewellery, gemstones, and Gold. Tailgaters are welcome. Please ring if you have questions. More information is in the Newsletter.

Starts at 9-9:30 am

Thank you Suzy! Our Newsletter:        Rock Grinders GazzetteMarch14


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Field Trip Inverell !

As Suzy wrote in the Newsletter. There will be a field trip to Inverell mid January, read the newsletter for details. Keep cool!

Please leave a comment if you see this. It is vital for this blog- thank you Kathy

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Happy New Year!!!

Here is the New Newsletter!

Rock Grinders GazzetteJanuary14

Hello! I hope that all of you have had a safe and very happy new years. I had a lovely Christmas with family. I had a big “stuff up” tho. My computer hard drive crashed and I lost all but a few files. My son worked for several days to retrieve as much as possible.

I learned it is best to back up your back up. Just shortly before this happened I lost my back up. it dropped on the floor and I lost that. Remember this, do NOT wait to back up your files.

I can’t tell you the best way to back up your files- just do it. WD was the one I had. I will not buy that one again. It is too fragile.

Please if you would let me know if you see this. Comment below. Thank you Kathy




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Merry Christmas all!
News from our Dec 7 General Meeting
Suzy will possibly head up a field trip to Oberon,and Inverelle! please get in touch with Suzy if you are interested in going. Suzy has done a wonderful job organising field trips this year, thank you!
We have changed our menu for the Christmas Party. We weren’t able to hire the spit, no worries, we have everything under control. We will have Prawns (very nice choice) ham . Salads, bread rolls, BYO alcoholic drinks. Soft drinks supplied.
See you there!
Our next General Meeting will be February 1st, 2014. The club will be closed from Dec 21st until Jan. 6th.
Helpers are needed from 9:30 am Dec. 14th to set up for the Christmas Party . It starts at 6pm. See you there!
Ps big computer break down at my house , 8-(

I will publish the newsletter ASAP.


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Campbelltown Lapidary Nov. Gazette

Here is the Newsletter for November, thank you Suzy.


Open Day March 23,  2014


Check out the newsletter for the Christmas Party information

Sat. Nov. 14. We will have a roast on a spit, ham salads with Christmas pudding and Pavlova, Yum.

Gazette Campbelltown Lapidary Nov. 2013

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General Meeting for November

Yes November! one more month until December

The General Meeting will be held on Sat. Nov. 2nd.

9:30 am start. Everyone is welcome.

This is you time to hear what is happening and contribute to the club.

We will be planning the Christmas Party.

See You There!

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