November Newsletter 2015

Here is the Newsletter for November.

Sorry for delays etc. as you know I have had a nightmare of a time with my knee and back. I am still in the middle of it but if you need me please leave a message on our phone and it will be answered.

Please have a read of our newsletter for current information.

Thank you Kathy

Rock Grinders GazzetteNovember15

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Look Here for information about our club and how it works! Contact our club if you wish to learn how to make a lovely necklace or participate in one of our field trips.

Check out Dates to Remember for a diary of our NSW and other markets and exhibitions!

click here Rock Grinders GazzetteSeptember15

open day sausage sizzle market boot sale

Please feel free to copy and distributr

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Biannual Open day coming up, General Meeting Newsletter Sat. 5 September

Please come to our general meeting, all members are welcome. 9:30 am start. this is the time to have your say.

Everyone! the Biannual Open day is coming up. Please contact the club if you wish to partcipate. we need volunteers and you can also put your name in for a spot for the bootsale.

Please feel free to photocopy and distribute our flyer. For more more information see the current newsletter or call the club. If you ring please leave a clear message, your name, contact phone number and why you are ringing. thank you, Kathy

Open Day Flyer Oct. 2015

Feel free to copy and distribute the flyer!


*sorry for delays with my communications, still battling with my health.K

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Exhibition Time! Naidoc week 5-8 July!

At  Ingleburn!

This weekend! Come and see what we have! Rocks, Gems, Handmade Jewelry, everything to do with Lapidary













Rock Grinders GazzetteJuly15


Click on our Newsletter for current news and events!

Great News! We have participated in Naidoc week thanks our Member Denise Ezzy in the past few years and it is on again this week.  Each time we have enjoyed our time greatly. We have helped children, young adults and all participants learn about rocks. We have learning games for the kids. And we love doing it. I hope you will come for a very enjoyable day.

From the home page of the official NAIDOC home page:

“NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Its origins can be traced to the emergence of Aboriginal groups in the 1920′s which sought to increase awareness in the wider community of the status and treatment of Indigenous Australians.

NAIDOC Week is held in the first full week of July. It is a time to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements and is an opportunity to recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country and our society.

We encourage all Australians to participate in the celebrations and activities that take place across the nation during NAIDOC Week.




National NAIDOC shared a Link 

July 01, 2015 at 03:08pm

Head down to Blacktown Showground, Richmond Road in Blacktown from 11am Saturday 4 July and start your celebrations with the Blacktown City Council’s NAIDOC Family Fun Day!! Entry is free along with a lot of fun activities on the day such as: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander performances Welcome to Country Kids Activities Cultural workshops & stalls Health Bus & health Tent Free BBQ Free Face painting To find out more about this event follow the below link! #NAIDOC2015 #NAIDOCWEEK2015″

If the links above do not work try this!


Please do not forget our exhibition! Much like the Sydney Bead and Button Show, the Sydney Quilting Show, and our various Lapidary Shows and Markets our exhibition is the place to be for beads, findings, stones, handmade crafts, mineral specimins and tools.

We excel in opals from all over Australia. You get a chance to meet our club members meet vendors of beads, minerals and tools  and  or that unusual stone. If you have jewelry you need to identify and /or fix bring it along. We have several knowledgeable members who can help with that too.

Note for our members! please sign up for time times you can help. The job list will be on the notice board. Everyone needs to pitch in.

Where: At the Greg Percival Community Centre

Corner of  Oxford and Cumberland Roads

Ingleburn NSW

When: July 11&12 2015

9:30 am until 4:30 pm each day

Phone 9618 3206  leave a message email: or *for Kathy webmaster


FYI our club is solely a family run club. Although you do not have to have a family, we a very lucky to have a varied age group.

Please copy, paste and print our flyer. Please post this at your school, work, and where ever you feel you have interested friends. THEY will be grateful!

Campbelltown Lapidary Exhibition Weekend! Please come and enjoy!

Have a look at our newsletters:

Rock Grinders GazzetteJuly15

Rock Grinders Gazzette June 2015

visit our brand new Facebook Page!



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Newsletter and Exhibition news!

Rock Grinders GazzetteApril15Campbelltown Lapidary Exhibition! Gemstones Jewelry Beads and More

print out this flyer for your personal reminder and to post for your work and friends!

Hi Everyone,

Just a short update. I have been having problems with a bad knee surgery and it has to be done again. Thanks for your support. I hope that this will not affect the website very much.

Since I haven’t been able to give Margaret any support secretary-wise I am hoping that someone will come forward to fill the spot.

Also we are coming up to the exhibition! We need all the advertising we can get. Please send this on, share it, post it onto your Facebook. Keep it in front of your friends. It will help you and our club. Thank you and best wishes, Kathy




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February 2015

OPEN DAY flyer for March 2015

Campbelltown Lapidary Open Day Flyer March 2015

Amazing, almost Valentines Day!

If your February is anything like mine it is very busy. I want you to imagine how your partner would react if he or she received a piece of jewelry made by you for Valentines?

You can do it at the club.

Welcome to our new members! We are so happy to meet you and hope you are enjoying your experience.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask any member. I am sure they will help or they will find someone who will.

Next month is our Open Day Sausage sizzle. I will attach the flyer so you can have it to refer to and better yet you can print it out to help advertise. If there is somewhere that you can put the flyer Please do!

We have trash and treasure, gold, opals, hand made jewelry and sausages !!!!!!!!

We open to the public twice a year so that anyone who is interested in seeing how the club works can come and have a look around. It is pretty good. Put it on your calendar! Put it on you Face Book and Twitter! get it out there! it is the best markets ever for this sort of jewelry and gemstones.

Here is the Newsletter for February, thank you Suzy!

Rock Grinders GazzetteFebruary15.


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The New Year! 2015

Dear Members,

Today is New Years Eve, tonight we will welcome in 2015. We have so much to be thankful for.  Most of us are healthy and enjoying life. Those who aren’t the best are healing and have a good year to look forward to. We have a great group and have much to look forward to. If  you have any ideas or workshops that you would like to organise please feel free to let us know. We want to have a very productive year. Thank you for your support.

We are going to have a busy year, get ready for a bumpy ride!

Jan 16 Silver Casting Workshop resumes(please check date)

Jan. 17 Management Meeting (please check date)

Jan. 24 Rolling Mill workshop Public Welcome- please book

Feb. 1 next General meeting – all members welcome

March 1 Illawarra Lapidary Club Rock Swap Stuart Park Wollongong

March 7th Open Day Everyone Welcome, Tailgaters Welcome, please book in just in case!


Suzy has been kind enough to give us another informative newsletter. It is below:

Rock Grinders GazzetteJanuary15

I hope you have a great New Year and enjoy working at the club.

All the best,



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December Newsletter, Christmas Party and More

DATES TO REMEMBER 2015 Rock Grinders GazzetteDecember14

Dear Members,

December has come around so fast, as usual I am in a tail spin.  On Saturday,  the thirteenth we are going to have our Christmas party. This is always a very way wish members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please feel free to come.

We usually have room for a couple more if you haven’t had the chance to sign up. It is $20 per plate.  There are more details in the newsletter.

Our new committee has had only a couple months in office and we are just finding our way.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask and please feel free to volunteer your help.  Everyone of you are needed.

I want to say thank you to all of those who have helped with running the club.  Things do not get done by themselves. We have a few dedicated members that go far beyond what is expected of them to help. Suzy and family, Dorothy and Barry, Margaret, Betty, Clarice, Linda, Ron and Elaine, Carolina and family are just a few of the members that are on that list.

Please if you can help out  do so, I can not say how much you will be appreciated. Thank you very much ahead of time!

See the  newsletter for more news and  a short list for Dates to Remember for 2015 and club activity update from Margaret.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

All the Best, Kathy






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November Newsletter

Hi Everyone!

We had a great Open Day, thank you to all who participated. There is more in the newsletter.

We have a workshop Nov. 22nd. it will be a chance to make that nice wire wrapped necklace for a Christmas gift. You will be able to see a photo in the Newsletter. The good thing about this class is that you can mix up the feature stone and type of necklace if you wish. Remember the public is welcome. We enjoy sharing our classes. 9:30 start. ring for more info.

There are a few dates to remember:

Management meeting- Nov.15, 2014

Christmas Party-13th of Dec.  6pm Club Rooms $20 must be paid asap Menu sign up is on the notice board. It is always a nice evening, See you there!

Our club closes on Dec. 20th for holidays then re opens Monday Jan. 5th.

Any comments? Please do!

Enjoy the newsletter here:

Rock Grinders GazzetteNovember14



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Open Day! Sausage Sizzle Gems, Jewelry, Trash and Treasure

We are having our Biannual Open Day Soon!

9am-2pm 11 Oct. 2014

Look below for more information.

You are welcome to print and distribute flyers with our thanks.

Open Day flyer 2014 One per page

Open Day flyer 2014 two per page



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