June Newsletter and Annual Exhibition

Hello Everyone!
This weekend we have the General Meeting. Always remember this is the meeting you should come to. You have the chance to see what is happening with the club and you get to share with everyone. I hope you do come and help with the last details for our Annual Exhibition. It starts at 9:30 Am. Everyone is welcome!
Please print out the flyer and distribute it to our friends. Flyers will also be available at the club.

Exhibition Flyer for July 2017

Also here is the Newsletter for June. Check out current news and the diary for the next couple months.
Thank you everyone for your patience and kindness, Kathy

Rock Grinders GazzetteJune17

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Sad news, two of our most important elders Kath Oshaunassey’s son John and Helen Standing

Members of our club and clubs in the region will remember Kathleen O’shaunassy . Her husband Laurie, passed a short few years ago. Kath was survived by several of her children and grandchildren. Her son John, 57 passed at her home suddenly of a unknown heart condition. We are very sad about this and wish to send our condolences to friends and family. Her phone service has been extremely unreliable and so if you wish to reach her it may be best to contact the club and your messages will be sent on to Kathleen. I am sure she will be grateful for your good wishes.

Our other bad news is that another strong member Helen Standing, 78 has passed due to complications from a long standing battle with diabetes. Her husband Ray have been strong members and very active when their health was better. Ray passed away very many years ago now. Helen has, in the last couple of years, been active at meetings and given us guidance. She was a very kind and thoughtful member. She is survived by two daughters from her marriage with Ray and a daughter from a previous marriage. I am sorry I do not know if I can pass on any more information in respect to the family. I am sure they would love to hear from you. If the family or close friends read this we send our condolences.
The funeral will be at the
Forest Lawn Memorial Park North Chapel at 12 noon. (9606 5822)
Friday , 26, 2017

You can also leave a message on the phone at Lapidary. 9618 3206 We will be able to see the message on Wednesday but no latter.
It is possible to leave a message on our Facebook site.

Helen Jaye Standing
Born in Tenterfield on 8 December 1938
Passed away in Ruse on 16 May 2017
Late of Ruse
Aged 78 years
Service Details
Helen’s relatives and friends are warmly invited to attend Her funerals service to be held in the North Chapel of Forest Lawn Crematorium, Camden Valley Way Leppington, NSW, on Friday 26th May 2017 commencing at 12 midday.

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Flyers are ready for the exhibition

Thank You Suzy!
Flyers have been designed and published by Suzy for our Midyear Exhibition.
Please they are open for review. Right now it looks good.

Please print off the flyers early and send them to relevant businesses and friends and family. Everyone will love to find a special rock, gem or mineral. we have what you want to add to collections and make jewelry. Kids are especially catered for and we will be serving your favorite cuppa, cakes, hot dogs and other morning tea special goodies.

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April’s Newsletter

Can you believe it? the rain stayed away for the Open Day! We had a great turn out. Thank you for all of those who participated. Our next sale will be our Mid Year Exhibition. Keep an eye out for information here and in the Newsletter.
We also are having regular workshops and Silver casting Classes. Please look at the Newsletter and also phone the club for any special questions.
Rock Grinders GazzetteApril17

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Open Day Saturday 25 March

Yes rain or no rain, it’s not going to stop our Open Day

Open Day! Come and see what the Club is up to!

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March Newsletter 2017

Thank you everyone. For those who do not know I have had my brother pass away. Thank you for your condolences, Kathy

Rock Grinders GazzetteMarch17

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Newsletter and General Meeting for February 2017

Amazing, 2017! we have jumped into the new year and are hoping for the best. Or just message Facebook.
Most of the news will be in the newsletter but the most important news is that or first General meeting is Feb 4 – Saturday.
Everyone is welcome. you can ask questions and give your ideas . Your ideas are very welcome.
the newsletter is here!
Rock Grinders Gazzette January18

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December Newsletter 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Wow, December already! Things are going by so fast but really slow for myself. I hate to keep telling you all how bad I feel since I have had all the back and knee surgeries.  I am on the home straight. That means I am almost there, almost healed.  So Santa, if your out there, I’ve been a good girl and I hope my gift is walking well.

Best Wishes for all of you, keep safe and  enjoy the holiday season.

Everything is in the newsletter. Only changes at this time are that in March our Open Day has been changed from March 11 to March 25, 2016

Rock Grinders GazzetteDecember16


Check out our Facebook Page!



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Nov. 2016 Newsletter

G-day everyone. Below is the newsletter. I hope everyone is well. Suzy and myself are battling with major surgeries. Best Wishes Suzy!

* we did not have a general meeting for the beginning of November. We will need to see you for Decembers meeting if you can of course. For those who do not remember, General Meetings are held the first Saturday of the month unless it lies on a holiday or we have advised you ahead of time. It is the time when you can say what you want to say and better yet help with anything to do with the club. It starts at 9:30 am on the dot!

Christmas Dinner and our 50th anniversary will be celebrated At The Grange  on the 26th of November at 6pm. We would love to see you there- all old and new members are welcome. Please contact the club for info. $35 pp.  It would be wonderful to see you there. Please contact others that you think may wish to attend!

Rock Grinders GazzetteNovember16

Thanks everyone. Best Wishes!


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October News

Great to hear that Open Day went very well.  I am still recovering from my back surgery. It will be awhile. Please feel free to contact me and the club for information.

Linda is heading up the workshop this month. With well over 35 years of experience Linda will guide you through a project that you will be proud of for many years. Please see the newsletter for more information.

Workshops are held on the forth Saturday of the month. It is advised to book in ahead of time so there are enough materials. You do not have to be a member to participate-thanks Kathy

Rock Grinders GazzetteOctober16

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